About Sourceter

We cover your unique needs, from expanding your team with the necessary expertise to developing an entire product with its continuous support.

Our History

We started our activity in 2014 as a consulting company specializing in the efficient and flexible development process.
Over time, we began to provide services for creating creative solutions for start-up companies.
We had three stages of becoming a consulting company, outstaffing, and outsourcing.
Today, our team and level of knowledge can provide our customers with expert advice, engineering team, or solution development.

Today we are working with clients in North America, Europe, and Israel to help them find the best balance between efficiency and price. Our engineering teams are located in Europe and CIS countries.


Our mission is to develop products for businesses to grow more sustainably with the help of modern technologies and minimal environmental impact.

What we do

We help enterprises accelerate the adoption of new technologies
Optimized costs thanks to cloud services adoption
Recruit a team of talented specialists
Organize ongoing innovations

What you get

what you get
Optimal balance between the cost and time-to-market.
what you get
Global development service in a convenient time zone.
what you get
Organized and continuous delivery of remote services.
what you get
Optimized cloud infrastructure cost.
what you get
Flexible engagement models.

Our team

Artem Zagorulko
CEO, Co-Founder
Top manager with over 20 years of experience in R&D, Management, and Architecture.
Volodymyr Melnychenko
R&D Director
High-skilled professional with 20 years of expertise in software development in various industries.
Yevgen Smertenko
Technical Advisor, Data & Analytics
An expert with many years of experience in implementing solutions in Data & Analytics.
Anna Babahekyan
Business Development Manager
With a passion for business growth and IT expertise, crafts strategies that seamlessly merge technology to foster strong customer relationships and drive success.
Nataliya Yakymets
Chief Accountant
We will not tell you anything about Nataliya, otherwise, you will want her to work for you.
Julia Ivanichenko
Talent Acquisition Lead
Julia and her team have found and hired hundreds of talents in the global market.
Not sure about the universe, but if there are talents in the solar system, she will find that engineer whose skills are required.
Elizabeth Tsarova
Human Resources Manager
The combination of consistency, people orientation, and experience is Elizabeth's forte.
She is confident that our company is strong with our experts, whose professional growth is her focus.
Hanna Makivska
Account Manager/Solutions Partner
years working in different IT roles, and she has a knack for finding the ideal solution that fits our clients' needs perfectly.

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