Data & Analytics

service is designed to help businesses leverage the power of data to gain insights and drive strategic decision-making

Sourceter’s Data and Analytics service is designed to help businesses leverage the power of data to gain insights and drive strategic decision-making. Our team of experts in data engineering, data science, and analytics will work closely with you to ensure that your data is collected, stored, and analyzed in the most effective and efficient way possible. We specialize in working with a variety of industries, including Fintech, Fitness & Wellness, Sustainable Mobility, and Agritech, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

In addition to our Data and Analytics service, we also offer expertise in AI and ML, helping our clients to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that can help them gain a competitive edge. Our team has extensive experience in designing and developing custom AI and ML solutions, including chatbots, recommendation engines, and predictive analytics models.

Some of the services provided for our Data and Analytics service are:

Data strategy consulting to help define your data management and analytics goals
Data architecture and engineering to ensure that your data is collected, stored, and processed efficiently and securely
Data warehousing and business intelligence to provide you with easy-to-understand insights into your data
Predictive analytics and machine learning to help you gain insights and make more informed decisions
Chatbot development to enhance customer service and improve operational efficiency
Recommendation engine development to improve customer engagement and drive sales
Data visualization to make it easy to understand complex data and insights
Cloud-based data solutions to improve scalability, flexibility, and security
Data quality and governance to ensure that your data is accurate, complete, and consistent

With Sourceter's Data and Analytics service, you can take advantage of the latest technologies and expertise to gain insights, make informed decisions, and drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help your business succeed.

Benefits to work with us

Accelerated time to market thanks to agile practices
Optimized costs thanks to cloud services adoption
Aglobal network of developers in a convenient time zone
Accelerated time to market thanks to agile practices
Close engagement with your team during the development
Organized and continuous delivery of remote services

The process we follow

Step 1
Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique business requirements.
Step 2
Share necessary information, allowing us to create a customized proposal tailored to your needs.
Step 3
Review pricing, timelines, and finalize the project start date.
Step 4
Launch the project and work together towards successful completion and delivery.

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What our clients say about us
“We’ve been working with Sourceter for several years, and they’ve been instrumental in helping us build and maintain our software. Their managed delivery services are top-notch, and we can always count on them to deliver high-quality work on time and within budget.”
Mike P., Director of Engineering at a Agritech company
“We engaged Sourceter’s technology consultancy services to help us choose the right tech stack for our product. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, and we’re now confident that we’ve made the right decisions for our business.”
Lisa W., Product Manager at a Fintech company
“Sourceter’s turn-key solution made our product launch a success. They worked with us from start to finish, delivering high-quality results and keeping us on track. We’re thrilled with the outcome and would highly recommend them.”
Tom S., Founder of a new Bio-tech startup
“Sourceter’s cloud services team is simply the best. They’ve helped us reduce our cloud costs, improve our security, and optimize our infrastructure. We now have a scalable and reliable system that we can count on.”
Sarah T., CTO in Telecom
«Sourceter helped us build a world-class mobile app that has exceeded our expectations. The dedicated development team was knowledgeable, professional, and always available. We couldn’t have done it without them»
John D., CEO of a Health-care startup
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