Analytics Platform for Renewables

Renewable energy company

Project overview

The client operates 4 wind and 3 solar power plants, focusing on zero emissions and providing clean energy solutions. They required a solution to effectively monitor and forecast energy production, perform detailed quality analysis, and manage vast amounts of data from various SCADA systems.

Project process

The challenge involved creating an analytics platform that could support advanced analytics, machine learning, and handle significant data management challenges.


Our team developed a comprehensive solution using Microsoft Azure technologies, accumulating stream and batch data from Edge Modules in the Asset’s DMZ. The system provided online monitoring and forecast energy prediction, as well as an analytic environment for business users, enabling them to make better decisions and focus on advanced analytics.

Microsoft Azure (IoT Edge, IoT Hub, EventHubs, Databricks, MLflow, Data Factory, Datamart, ADLS, Power BI, etc.)
7 people


The client achieved their goal of having a unified analytics platform for renewables, which improved the efficiency and stability of their wind and solar power generation, contributing to their overall mission of zero emissions.

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